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Are you worried your home or office has potentially toxic mold? Have you suffered from water damage or persistent, unexplained health symptoms? Indoor mold growth must quickly be addressed to prevent contamination from spreading – causing more damage to you and your building.

Bio Pro is a test-only company providing unbiased Mold Assessments, Water Damage Inspections, and Clearance Tests throughout Florida. Be cautious of restoration companies that also provide mold assessment and testing! Often times, this presents a conflict of interest as some companies exaggerate or overstate the severity of the problem just to sell you their restoration services. 

Since we’ll never try to sell you costly and unnecessary remediation services, you can breathe easy knowing we have your health – and your wallets –  top of mind!

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We are Central Florida’s Leader in Mold Assessment and Water Damage Inspection for residential and commercial properties. We provide unbiased mold assessments and water damage inspections at your building to design a customized plan for proper remediation. We also provide Clearance Testing after recent mold remediation projects for documentation and peace of mind!

For more information about how we can help with your mold problem, contact us for a free consultation.

Why Trust Bio Pro?

our Bio Pro process

First we gather information about your property and unique concerns in a phone consultation with one of our Licensed Mold Assessors. Next, we schedule a date and time to perform the Mold Assessment and you sit back and relax! Our staff is highly trained and dedicated to providing top-notch customer service throughout your experience. 

Below are details about each step of our process.

The first step is to identify the source of your mold mold problem – water or moisture damage. Using state-of-the-art Moisture Meters and Thermal Imaging cameras, we’ll inspect your property for hidden water damage that could be contributing to mold growth. Once we’ve identified these Hazard Areas, we’ll present to you our suggested Mold Sample locations and strategy. 

Based on the findings of our inspection, your Licensed Mold Assessor will collect a combination of Air or Swab samples and send them for independent analysis at an AIHA accredited laboratory. Laboratory analysis allows us to determine the type of mold present, the full extent of the damage at your building, and its potential health implications. 

Once we receive your Sample results from the lab, our team of Licensed Mold Assessors will interpret the findings and provide a detailed Mold Report and Remediation Plan customized to your property. The Remediation Plan is is a step-by-step action plan for mold remediation at your property that carefully adheres to the strict regulations and guidelines set forth by State and Federal regulations.

After Mold Remediation is complete, Bio Pro will return to your property to conduct a Clearance Test with new samples for lab analysis. Clearance Testing provides documentation of a successfully remediated mold problem, as well as peace of mind knowing your building and its inhabitants are safe. 

who is most at-risk around mold?

Certain people are more at-risk around mold or other toxins. These include infants & children, older adults, pregnant women, anyone with prior respiratory disorders (allergies, asthma), and individuals with weakened immune systems caused by cancer, cancer treatments, or diseases.

MOLd exposure symptoms:

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Our damp and humid climate in Central Florida creates the ideal conditions needed for a small mold problem to become a complete nightmare. Even worse, restoration companies that also offer mold assessment have their own financial interests at heart. But when you let Bio Pro handle your Mold Assessment and Inspection, you can breathe easy knowing we always have your health — and your wallet — top of mind!

Mold Testing & Sampling

Do you see mold or smell its unmistakable odor? Thanks to our humid climate, this is extremely common in Central Florida—and once you have a mold problem, it can get worse fast.  Learn More

Water Damage Inspection

A Bio Pro water damage inspection begins with a thorough walkthrough of your property. Your inspector will assess the type and full extent of water damage present, its source, and all other relevant details like potential mold growth. Learn More

Mold Remediation Protocols

In the world of mold remediation, there are many important details to consider. From indoor air quality to personal protective equipment, there are specific regulations, laws, and industry standards that must be adhered to. Learn More

Mold Clearance Testing

The purpose of mold clearance testing and verification is to prove your remediation project followed all necessary procedures and protocols – and that your building is now mold-free. Learn More

Common questions about mold:

A licensed mold assessor will inspect your home and collect samples from the air, surface, and dust. These samples are sent to a third-party laboratory to determine the amount and types of mold present in these areas.

Mold can be detected in homes by an unpleasant, musty or damp odor. Mold can also be detected by symptoms like a persistent runny nose, watery eyes, irritation to the throat, and sneezing. A professional mold assessor with the right tools and training can help you determine if you have a mold problem.

Not all molds are “toxic.” However, commonly-toxic molds can present with a greyish soot-like texture and a slimy, damp appearance. In some cases, you may see spots of furry brown or orange. If you notice any of these signs in your home, don’t touch it. Contact a professional right away.

Mold-related symptoms include headaches, fatigue, runny nose passages, and sore throat. Asthma attacks can occur in asthmatics. An impaired immune system can lead to serious infections. Mold causes varying degrees of Fungal Hypersensitivity and therefore affects everyone differently. 

You detect an unpleasant, damp or musty odor.

Unexplained and persistent cold-like symptoms while at home. 

Your symptoms appear to improve while away. 

Staining or warping of interior walls, molding, or flooring. 

The wall looks damp or wet.