Mold Remediation Planning

Mold Remediation Planning in Central Florida

What are Mold Remediation Protocols?

In the world of mold remediation, there are many important details to consider. From indoor air quality to personal protective equipment, there are specific regulations, laws, and industry standards that must be adhered to. 

That’s where mold remediation protocols come in.  

A mold remediation protocol is a step-by-step action plan for mold remediation at your property that carefully adheres to the strict regulations and guidelines set forth by the State. You should have this written set of procedures before starting a mold removal process of any kind, no matter how small or how large. 

The EPA, the US federal government, the state of Florida, and counties located across Central Florida all have their own standards which must be followed for safe and effective mold remediation. As an individual, hunting down the mold remediation policies for each organization is a Herculean task. How would you even know where to start?

No need to panic. This is what we do best at Bio Pro Mold Assessment.

Answers to Common Mold Questions and Concerns

Despite how often people come into contact with mold spores, there are quite a few questions and misconceptions about mold growth—especially here in Central Florida, where our climate is extremely hospitable to mold and fungus. Below are the three questions we hear most often.

  1. What is mold remediation?

Many people are surprised to learn that “mold removal” and “mold remediation” are not the same. Though both terms are frequently used interchangeably, each one refers to specific technologies and processes to solve your mold growth problems. 

Mold removal is simply that – removing mold from a building. However, mold remediation comes from the word “remedy.” Remediation means not only removing any existing visible mold… but also addressing and remedying the underlying conditions which allowed the mold to grow in the first place.

2. What steps are involved with mold remediation protocols?

The steps involved with mold remediation protocols vary with each individual property. But if you’re located in Central Florida, you can book with us and expect the process to look something like this:

  • You suspect you have a mold problem and call us here at Bio Pro Mold Assessment
  • We book a mold testing and sampling inspection at a time that works for you
  • We collect air samples and other relevant samples while on-site for the inspection
  • If mold exposure is confirmed by the lab, we’ll custom-create mold remediation protocols for your unique situation
  • You book mold remediation with the company of your choice and provide them with your custom plan
  • You’re not kept awake every night by the fear that your mold remediation work won’t be effective enough! 

Please contact us immediately if you’re concerned about a mold problem on your property. Read on to learn more about mold remediation protocols and our personal approach.

3. How do I know my mold problem is 100% gone?

You need 2 things to be 100% sure your mold problem is gone. First, you need to have a thorough mold remediation protocol designed for your specific situation. Second, you need mold clearance testing and verification after your mold remediation work is complete. 

Without both of these vital steps, you’ll never know for sure if mold growth is still happening on your property… And you’ll likely find yourself lying awake at night wondering, “Is my property actually safe from mold? Could mold and fungi still be lurking in my air conditioning unit, undetected?”

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Why are Mold Remediation Protocols Important to You?

If you’ve ever tried to tackle a mold problem yourself, you know that it’s not as simple as you expected. 

Picture this: You notice a small mold spot in your cabinets under the sink, but you don’t see any water or puddles. The mold must have come from a temporary leak or clog in the pipe, right?

Armed with the bleach of your choice, you clean up the mold spot and go on your merry way. 

A week later, you open the door to that cabinet and it’s like taking the lid off a petri dish science experiment. That damp, musty, mildewy smell of mold is unmistakable. 

Your stomach drops as you hold your breath and inspect your now mold-ridden cabinet you’d just cleaned last week. You realize the source of the mold growth, the moisture feeding these spores, wasn’t temporary at all.

You wish for a time machine so you could go back to last week and just call a professional from the start.

How long has the mold been growing? What is the full extent of the damage? Are your recent headaches related to this? What’s the indoor air quality of your building right now? Is your building even structurally sound for inhabitants? These thoughts and a million others race through your mind as you start Googling for “mold remediation near me”. 

 We firmly believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure… especially when it comes to mold assessment and remediation. Without a crystal-clear outline of the necessary remediation steps, you’re virtually guaranteed to have issues with future mold problems and cross-contamination of mold spores. 

That’s why we pride ourselves on providing you with thorough, state-sanctioned, customized mold remediation protocols. When you book with us, we’ll send a state-licensed inspector to your property. Your mold inspector will analyze your unique circumstances to generate a customized mold remediation protocol just for you. 

All you have to do is present this to your chosen mold remediation company, and sit back as they follow our customized protocol to rid your property of mold. 

The mold remediation team you book with should have no issues following your mold remediation protocols to the letter. Why? Because we strive to make these documents as comprehensive, efficient, and understandable as possible. Our plans follow industry best practices, plus federal and local regulations. We leave nothing up to chance when it comes to mold remediation protocols.  

Bio Pro Mold Assessment proudly serves all of Central Florida including:

Palm Bay, Cape Canaveral, Titusville, Satellite Beach, Cocoa Beach, Cocoa, Merritt Island, Rockledge, Viera, Melbourne, Orange County, and Volusia County.

Located in Central Florida? Let Us Make Your Mold Remediation Hassle-Free

Indoor mold growth and remediation need to be taken seriously. Without focused and clear mold remediation protocols, there’s no way to guarantee your mold remediation is done right the first time… let alone the second or third time. 

And without this vital documentation, you might as well be signing up to pay mold remediation companies as a subscription service rather than a one-time cleanup. That just isn’t fair to your health, safety, or your wallet. 

Every mold assessor on our team is state-certified and up to date on the latest laws, regulations, and best practices. This allows us to always provide you with the most accurate and effective mold remediation protocols for your specific circumstances. We can also help you with clearance testing, sampling, and water damage inspection. 

Getting started is as easy as contacting us. Pick up the phone or fill out our online form now! Because the longer you wait, the more severe—and more expensive– your mold remediation process could be.

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