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In Palm Bay, Florida, our dependable mold inspection services provide precise assessments and effective solutions for a healthier living environment.

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Signs of Mold in Your Property

Maintaining a healthy interior environment depends on the detection of mold on your property. The following are some typical indicators that mold may be present:

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1.Visible Mold Growth–  The most noticeable indicator is the visible mold growth. Patches of discoloration on walls, ceilings, floors, or other surfaces may result from this. Mold comes in a variety of hues, such as white, brown, green, or black.

2. Musty Odor- Mold often produces a musty and earthy smell. If you notice persistent, unpleasant odors in specific areas of your property, it may be an indication of hidden mold growth.

3.Leaks or damage from water- Mold grows well in moist environments. Any flooding, water damage, or past or current water leaks might foster the growth of mold. Examine the walls and ceilings for warping, discoloration, or stains.

4. Allergy Reactions- People who are susceptible to mold exposure may suffer from allergic reactions, including but not limited to sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, or skin irritation, when they are in an environment that has been exposed to mold.

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Mold Inspection & Testting

Do you see mold or smell its unmistakable odor? Thanks to our humid climate, this is extremely common in Central Florida—and once you have a mold problem, it can get worse fast. 

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Property Management Partners

Accuracy in mold inspection is not just about identifying the problem; it’s about providing you with the reliable information needed to make the best decisions for your properties.

Mold Remediation Planning

A mold remediation protocol is a step-by-step action plan for mold remediation at your property that carefully adheres to the strict regulations and guidelines set forth by the State. 

Mold Clearance

The purpose of mold clearance testing and verification is to prove your remediation project followed all necessary procedures and protocols – and that your work area is mold-free.


Water Damage

Water damage goes hand in hand with mold growth. By the time you think the problem is getting serious, it may be too late. You may find yourself dealing with major structural renovation and mold remediation expenses simply because you wanted to play the “wait-and-see” game with your property. 

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Mold Assessment for Public Adjsuters

We understand our Mold Report is just another tool in your toolbox to help process, maximize, and settle your client’s claim. That’s why we provide bulletproof Mold Reports + Remediation Protocols that clearly address the entire claim damage from the start.

How Our Process Works

Simple as 1, 2, 3!

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Step 1
Free Qoute

Our knowledgeable staff is prepared to assess your property and address any mold-related issues you may be experiencing. There are no obligations and the process is straightforward. Simply contact us, and the rest will be taken care of. Get in touch with us right now to get a free estimate for your mold assessment!


Step 2

We will explore the various treatment alternatives, delve into the associated expenses for each option, and provide our recommendation tailored to your property. Following the selection of a suitable solution, we will proceed to arrange a treatment appointment.

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Step 3

Once the mold inspection and assessment have been completed, the next crucial phase is the mold remediation process. This step involves the careful and systematic removal of mold from the affected areas, as well as the implementation of preventive measures to inhibit future growth.

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Concerned your property may have mold? Bio Pro is the preferred mold remediation company in Central Florida. We identify mold in water damaged buildings and provide a detailed remediation plan to restore your property to a mold free environment.

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