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Why trust Bio Pro with your Commercial or Large Loss Claim?

Large Losses are complex and demand thorough documentation throughout the process. We understand our Mold Report + Remediation Protocol is another tool in your toolbox to help process, maximize, and settle your client’s large loss claim. That’s why we provide unbeatable Mold Reports + Remediation Protocols that clearly address the entire claim damage from the start.

We have experience assessing mold and water damage for several large losses over 50,000sf, so we’re equipped to handle all your commercial claim needs.

We know nit-picky desk adjusters love to poke holes every chance they get to ultimately delay, deny, or underpay. To combat this, Bio Pro provides thorough yet easy-to-read Mold Reports that leave nothing to question or argue. Our Remediation Protocols are customized to every claim and justified by careful mold sampling and analysis.

  • We make YOU look like a rockstar to your client.
  • Our bulletproof reports have NEVER been questioned by insurers.

Discover firsthand how Bio Pro’s specialized mold inspection & testing services can benefit your properties.¬†

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Concerned your property may have mold? Bio Pro is the leader in Central Florida mold assessment. We identify mold in water damaged buildings and provide a detailed remediation plan to restore your property to a mold free environment.

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